Maria Matthews

Maria Matthews reflexology & reiki
Centralia's Reflexology Mastership level 5, member of Professional Reflexology,
Reiki level 3 mastership practitioner
Hello my name is Maria but many people know me as "Maz" - a school nickname.
I became interested in Reflexology & Reiki after receiving beneficial treatments myself.  Being Cornish it is a privilege to give something back to the local community - I am fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients & conditions; including Lupus, Autism, ME, MS, as well as being  supported by the Cornwall Motor Neurone Disease Assoc.

Reflexology is an ancient, gentle & non-invasive therapy, using fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to specific ‘reflex’ points on the feet and hands that mirror body organs and structures ‘mini maps’ of the body. Reflexology can assist with many conditions including sleeping patterns, IBS, allergies, muscle & joint pain, & fertility, to name but a few. It encourages deep relaxation, better circulation & lymph drainage and can lead to a renewed sense of energy. During a treatment - you will remain fully clothed apart from removing your shoes & socks, it does not tickle and I don't judge the condition of your feet. My aim is to allow you to relax & to make you feel better in yourself.

Reiki is a source of safe and non-invasive healing energy using a technique founded in Japan in the early 20th century.
Einstein & later quantum physicists explained that every living thing is energy (Chi) vibrating or oscillating at different rates. The state of energy in the body is a very important element in health. If blocks or damages are not cleared they can eventually manifest as physical illness or disease.

Reiki is a frequency of energy for healing that works synergistically with Chi.

You will be asked to lie on a massage couch or to sit in a chair if more suitable for you. You are fully clothed with hands placed above or lightly on specific body areas.
I look forward to meeting you soon: 07411 709356
You can also find me on facebook and instagram searching mariamatthewsreflexology
£40 for 1 hour appointment inclusive of treatment time.
I have a 24hr cancellation policy, with thanks.