Janet Hay

Janet Hay, medical herbalist and reflexologist: BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine and dip reflexology Worthing School of Reflexology

Medical herbalism

I am a Medical Herbalist working in West Penwith since 2003. I use medicinal plants that are native to Britain, and also plants used in traditional Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine when needed. Herbal Medicine can be used for a wide variety of conditions, to maintain good health and support through the many stresses and stages of life. A first consultation typically takes one and a half hours. This gives us time to talk through why you want to take herbal medicine, and any underlying conditions and causes. I often give a reflexology treatment as part of the consultation, this works very well with Herbs. Your Herbal medicine will be tailor made specifically for you. It can be tincture, tea, powders or capsules, depending on what is needed and the herbs I am using. Not only looking at symptoms, but addressing the whole system to support health and wellbeing. There would be a follow up appointment after 4 weeks, to assess how things are going.

Fees: appointment with 4 weeks herbal Medicine £55

Concessions are available by arrangement



I have been practising Reflexology for over 30 years. It uses pressure points on the feet to link in to the nervous system, having an effect on the whole body. It is deeply relaxing, clients often report feeling a sense of calm and clarity after a treatment. It works on the principle that the body is mapped on to the feet. By using pressure points in a gentle and non-invasive way this has an effect on the whole system. A consultation and treatment takes an hour. 

Fees: £40

Concessions by arrangement

Telephone: 01736 811292 and 07840 446247

Email: janethay4@gmail.com