Jennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart, Transformational and Colour Healing

Jennifer worked in the diplomatic and business world, living in various countries as well as London, before falling ill with glandular fever and Chronic Fatigue, which forced her to change her life dramatically. She looked at many forms of healing, originally for herself, and then came to Transformational Healing with Jann Weiss in 1992, and trained as a Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer in 1994, working closely with Patricia Angove and New Gaia Network, co-facilitating workshops in UK, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the US. In 2002 she discovered Colour Mirrors (originally called Colour Works) created by Melissie Jolly, and the wonderful oils and essences that are immensely supportive of our healing processes, and loves to combine them with the Transformational Healing work.

Jennifer is a facilitator/healer working with Transformational Healing, and the support of Colour Mirrors Essences. 

Jennifer describes; our bodies hold all the pain, grief, trauma and erroneous beliefs about not being okay on whatever level, and this is a way of helping us to acknowledge how it actually feels to be us at this point in time, in our bodies and in our emotions, and then allow our Higher Selves/Soul, Guardian Angel or whatever aspect of the Divine we believe in and trust, to feel it all, every bit of it, with us. They know who we are in truth, a part of the Whole, and hold us in total non-judgement and love.

If we can simply give permission for that light of love and truth to be in the cells of our body where we hold all the negative misalignment it will change the frequency of those cells, dissolving and transmuting that which is not-truth.

The energies and colours in the Essences (from Colour Mirrors) along with the support and guidance of Jennifer as she facilitates your healing, holding you in a space of love, non-judgement and the truth of who you really are in essence gives you the opportunity to release and transmute a lot of the old baggage, get a higher perspective on much of what has happened in your life, and have a more peaceful and positive feeling about moving forward in your life.

We are living in a particularly turbulent and changing world, and for both ourselves and the planet we need to heal and let go of as much of the old stuff we can, and ground peace and love deep into ourselves and our lives so that we can survive and support the changes in a positive way.

Allowing love into us and through us is the most important thing we can do.

During the session you will remain fully clothed, sitting in a chair and there is little or no need to talk about negative feelings or experiences during the process, as we are working directly with the cells in the body. You are held in a safe space throughout, and never have to go deeper than you wish; you always stay aware and in control.

People often find that things that used to trigger or upset them no longer do, they have more understanding of situations and relationships, and more self-confidence.

This is an experience of allowing, not ‘doing’ – all that is needed is an intention and willingness to heal, and each person goes at their own pace. 

Session duration: 1 hour     

Cost: £40

To book please call Penzance Natural Health Centre on 01736 360522, or contact Jennifer on 07891426652/email: