Jennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart, Transformational and Colour Healing

Jennifer worked in the diplomatic and business world, living in various countries as well as London, before falling ill with glandular fever and Chronic Fatigue, which forced her to change her life dramatically. She looked at many forms of healing, originally for herself, and then came to Transformational Healing with Jann Weiss in 1992, and trained as a Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer in 1994, working closely with Patricia Angove and New Gaia Network, co-facilitating workshops in UK, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the US. In 2002 she discovered Colour Mirrors (originally called Colour Works) created by Melissie Jolly, and the wonderful oils and essences that are immensely supportive of our healing processes, and loves to combine them with the Transformational Healing work.

This is an experiential process working on an energetic cellular level, allowing higher frequency energy into the cells of the body that hold traumas and old belief systems that prevent us from living our true potential and keep us in limitation and fear. 

Higher and lower frequency energies cannot coexist within the body’s cells, and the higher energy will transmute the lower. Many people go through life trapped in programming that causes them to believe they are not good enough, they are unlovable, unacceptable and guilty.  They fear failure, loss, showing their vulnerability, and also owning their own power.  This shows up in people’s lives not only as fear, but also greed, jealousy, envy, judgement, anger and many other negative states.  

In these challenging times of great change we need, more than ever, support and help to shift the old paradigms that are not our truth and no longer serve us. This process aids in finding out who we truly are, changing the illusory beliefs held in the body and psyche, learning to see things from a higher perspective, and creating the life that we want, based on love, not fear. 

 The process is about allowing, not ‘doing’ – all that is needed is an intention and willingness to heal, and each person goes at their own pace. People often find that things that used to trigger or upset them no longer do, they have more understanding of situations and relationships, and more self-confidence.

Session duration: 1 hour     

Cost: £40

To book please call Penzance Natural Health Centre on 01736 360522, or contact Jennifer on 07891426652/email: