Anna Findlay



Kinesiology has many applications including.. 

Digestive issues ️ Food intolerances ️ Immune system support ️ Sleep problems ️Depression and Anxiety️  Reflux️  Migraines ️ Hormone and Menopause support ️ Low energy ️ Aches and Pains ️ Thrush ️ Cystitis ️ Arthritis️  Carpal Tunnel️

 Anna has worked as a kinesiologist in the Penzance area for the last 10 years. 

Firstly at Penzance Natural Health Centre and now from her dedicated treatment room at her home in Newlyn. 

Anna describes Kinesiology as a gentle but effective therapy intending to address, holistically, the root cause of a health issue. Her main focus is upon gut health and the Microbiome to support body and mind.

Anna says Kinesiology is suitable for any age and for anybody with a body! See her website for more details, testimonials and to book an appointment.