Rachael Eva

Rachael Eva, person centred counsellor

I offer Person Centred Counselling at The Penzance Natural Health Centre, in nature (walk and talk therapy) and on the phone or online. 

 Person Centred Counselling focuses on creating the core conditions that allow us to be with ourselves in a supportive, caring and non-judgemental environment, so that we can feel free to explore whatever comes up for us within our therapy. I am committed to providing a space where you feel safe to be with your innermost feelings and thoughts. 

Counselling can help us to become more self aware, set goals and address patterns in our lives. It can empower us to look at the changes we want to make and how we can do that to enhance our lives. It can help us to make more informed choices - moving towards our potential and growing our sense of self and relationships. 

I am a trauma informed practitioner and feel this is very relevant in helping us to recognise what we need to create positive relationships with ourselves and therefore with others. I work with people from all walks of life, with varying degrees of wellbeing. Counselling can be beneficial to all of us.

Please see my website for more details : ecotherapycornwall.co.uk

Or phone/email for a chat on: 07860 794740 ecotherapycornwall@gmail.com

Prices are between £25 and £50 depending on need and income.